Saturday, August 18, 2012


Summer nights start,
50mg later and it's 4am,
awake and starving.
Shaking and picking at the bandages on my arms.
Ripping out the tiny hairs
to look at layered bruises.
Watching for hours as some yellow
as others darken,
until it's time to get up.
Summer days start,
leaving my arms bare,
I go.
Sitting in a xeroxed chair,
with a flat back and wide arms,
my feet don't touch the ground.
Surrendering my left arm,
looking right
as my veins turn to ice inside my arms,
and throat as I suffocate.
Liquid dripping slows, mixing with saline.
Choking in breath,
watching the bags empty
as the tubes fill backwards with blood.
Inhaling halfway,
I barely breath.
A tiny pink pill later,
and I sleep
Summer days
and summer nights.