Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite places

Like gessoed cardboard
and wall-less space,
watching barefoot tourists
on the edge of the fairy pool
in awe of their discovery,
and then stepping on glass.
And swimming down the ravine
above it,
the real secret from shoe-less fools.
A tiny stream
drops over the highest cliff,
leisurely mixing into the pool.
It's unsuspecting and shallow,
with tiny pebbles at the bottom
reaching above the waterline.
Follow it back, though,
and the walls grow taller
and closer together
as the water rises to your knees.
Soon you're wading
in dark, red-tinted water
And the floor could be anywhere.
The walls, four feet apart, are higher 
than the sun permits you to see.
Just as it begins to seem endless,
Something grazes your foot.
You jump because the floor is unimaginable.
But slowly it slopes toward the surface
and you're standing ankle deep.
The wall remains on your left,
but on your right you are met
with the washed out remnants of the slide.
It's not the usual large slate boulders.
Millions of tiny white and red pebbles
pour down, frozen.
It is immense and astounding,
how they are possibly stationary.
I found this over ten years ago
and I doubt a pebble has moved.
But fallen so perfectly at the top of this mass,
in the left corner is a white tree,
with it's expansive, dead branches
reaching down toward you.


Absurd nature,
you seethe with corruption
as a ghost of light
expands and spills over,
dissipates as it hits the floor.