Friday, April 27, 2012

The Bright Veneers

scrawling with
elbow moving right to left
right left
heel tapping
Orange, yellow,
blue and pink
and bright,
so bright.
I am sick
cornered, sick
and separate.
So angry
and I am muted, light
and see through.
I am assumed
as something slow
can't keep up,
not bright enough.
I am nothing.
But I see mirrors.
scrawling with
elbow moving right to left
right to left
legs crossed and
heel tapping, but
air in silence.
I move words across paper.
You move numbers.
But there is no credit here
No boasting brightness,
not for me.
It's so basic.
A classroom,
a study hall.
With assigned seats.
A group in front left,
radiating brightness.
Teacher delighted.
But wait!
Who is that in the
back right, alone?
"Put the phone away."
"It's a book..." you should try reading one sometime.
Teacher looks away without response.
For the fourth time. By the fourth teacher.
I must be nothing.
These people,
these "bright" people,
they're knockoffs.
They cheat,
and lie.
Community Service:
Holding the door for an old lady
turns into 20 hours at a nursing home
on an application.
One finished homework is enough
for an entire class.
Mommy will call and take care of everything.
And if that ninety-eight won't do,
Mama's gonna buy you one hundred and two.
So bright.

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