Monday, March 12, 2012

I Miss You

I'm blindly walking down the yellow line. Time flitting by. Your face floating in front of mine, magnetically leading me. Moving forward, but never closer with an unvarying gap tormenting me. As my vision begins to clear I can see your lips are moving, but I'm deafened by a thunderous beating. My eyes search for that unmistakable sound. I look back to you only to find something else in your place. Its' small frame is swerving across the road. Slowly getting larger and closer. I try to avoid it's path, but I can only move forward. I can make out your face in the windshield. Your car rises up above my head, crashing into an invisible wall. Everything disappears except the beating. I look down to cupped hands, filled with familiar beats. Your blood drips down to my feet. I can't let go, but I'm still pulled forward.

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  1. Wow - yet another powerful and emotional post. Amazing..