Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is how I felt a year ago.

Thought consumes most of my day. Thought prompted by social expectation. I despise being awakened from a controlled lull of thought at the sound of a bell. Focus on english, oh wait now math. Don't stray, health, now french, then chemistry. Ok breathe, just art. Finally history followed quickly by gym. The transition between these constrained thoughts is the worst infringement upon my sanity. A three minute, undesirable rush teeming with jabbing elbows, apathetic gaits, administrators herding the crowd, and a distinct pungent odor. After the final transition I can feel my own thoughts starting to surface and shake free from this dictatorship. We are the champions. But that's just it, that is only what we are led to believe. We're not champions. We are the epitome of the contrary. We're herded for the three minutes that we're on this earth and then we're gone. We are the losers. We are the sheep.

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